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▸ Technology

Peeking over what people search on DC
Apr 2018
Highlights from Metakgp Demo Day #2
Feb 2018
Design of Public Posts: Twitter vs Facebook
Feb 2018
Python's easter eggs and hidden jokes
May 2017
Introducing Muriel
Mar 2017
Lessons for creating good open source software
Mar 2017
Keep : A personal shell command keeper
Feb 2017
Collection of Linux fortunes ❤
Jan 2017
Creating an archive of Medium blog posts using RSS
Jan 2017
Kharagpur Winter of Code 2016 Statistics
Jan 2017
Losing and Re-Gaining trust on .gitignore
Oct 2016
Google Summer of Code 2016 Report : Stingray
Jul 2016
SSH to a remote server from KGP network
Jan 2016
What do I do when I'm bored from studying (or not studying) for the exams?
Nov 2015
Quick guide to git and github (Part 2)
Jun 2015
Quick guide to git and github (Part 1)
May 2015
Why is Sublime Text not something to be frowned upon?
May 2015
Morse Talk : My first Python package
May 2015
Google Summer of Code 2015
Apr 2015
Touchpad problem with ASUS laptop on linux
Dec 2014

▸ Literature

और तसवीरें आने को हैं न
Nov 2018
Brain, Mind and Consciousness — Essay
Apr 2018
Quest for Universal action - Essay
Jan 2018
Mar 2017
आंसुओं के बिंब से छलकती हुई दुनिया, देखी थी मैंने एक बार
Jan 2017
रानी (Part 1)
Jan 2017
Nov 2016
Oh, Today is Diwali? Happy Diwali !
Oct 2014
For a handwash from a lamp, A Short Love letter
Oct 2014
Don't mess with your book's feelings!
Jul 2014
Rationality vs Fantasy | How can a student of science write something about fantasy?
Jun 2014

▸ Miscellaneous

Mar 2018
The Discovery of pseudo-Acquaintance
Mar 2018
Why do I hate my friends on Instagram?
Feb 2017

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