Why do I hate my friends on Instagram?

Feb 26, 2017
2 min

Watch this video from Nerdwriter1 Let's Fix Instagram (YouTube).

Instagram is Facebook, but only with a different purpose than connecting people, it’s about sharing photos. Photos are great, they convey art, beauty and literature in its own form. And that is what attracted Instagram to so many users. But the problem started when, we applied our *minds to it.

What Instagram should never be about

  • Sharing pictures with your face in it 1 JKA3w0kD0GzK9xMizjjhrQ Couple years ago, if you had clicked a great picture of yours and you wanted to share it among your friends (people who know you), you’d usually go to Facebook and then share it over there. But what people do now is that they post it on Instagram and then share it over Facebook. This is the most meaningless aspect of Facebook after pokes. Why do you expect someone to see (follow) your photos on Instagram if they do not know you at all? And if they do, you are definitely friends with them on Facebook.

  • Poorly composed pictures clearly showing you having fun Why do people start migrating away from Facebook? This happened when their friends started using Facebook as a PR tool, to estabilish that they are living a good life, irrespective of the reality.

Now, what would happen if you would post your party pictures, your fun trips stories on Instagram? Don’t they already have enough from you, on Facebook?

How to fix it?

Quoting Nerdwriter1 here, “Before posting anything on the social media, think a little about Why you post what you post.”

We can have all of Flickr, 500px, Imgur on Instagram, with a better and more familiar social network. But like Hacker News and Reddit and unlike Facebook, it is **okay not to post, but just consume the beauty out of it. So, put the peer pressure off and enjoy following some amazing photographers on Instagram. And hey, it’s perfectly cool if you share your photography skills over there too ! It’s a social network after all. And it’s also alright if you click a cute picture of a child you spotted in a village. It’s great. Likeways, it’s okay if you post a picture of your own child. Or your spouse. Or your own. Hey wait, maybe I should watch the video again.

**It’s okay to post a picture of a Human (and it’s not the same)

Note that I don’t actually hate my friends on instagram. It’s just a momentary disgust, which vanishes away when I hangout with these amazing people.

Update: I deleted my Facebook and Instagram account.