This is a series of public conversations with my friends and colleagues about tech and life.

Why a Podcast?

...and not just blog posts.

  1. I love to read and write blog posts but I realized they are not enough. Podcast is a dialogue. Blog posts are monologoues. Podcast requires me to work on my speaking/conversational skills. Blog posts need me to work on my writing skills.

  2. A lot of my blog posts have come from conversations with my friends. I felt it is a good idea to publish some of those raw conversations.

  3. An excuse to find time and have meaningful conversations ;)

  4. It is another form of knowledge sharing and can help some people.

  5. The whole experience is exciting and fun for everyone involved!

What will you talk about?

My interest revolves around Software Engineering, Open Source, Life in College, Music, Literature and Spirituality. But these do not include the interests of my friends, so there should be more!

How to get notified?

If you want to hear me talk about something specific or with someone, let me know. I will need your ideas in the near future as soon as I run out of mine.