Naval Ravikant on JRE

Two hours of Naval Ravikant on Joe Rogan Podcast

Dec 26, 2020
2 min

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qHkcs3kG44 (Lots and lots of wisdom here. And it's easy to listen to him.)

Specialization is for insects. You've got one life to do all you want to do. Humans are multi-variant. Every human is capable of all the experiences. We will have to dare to look fool if we want to start over in something else.

"The Modern Struggle" is no longer the disease of scarcity, but it's a disease of abundance. On one side there are scientists, researchers, billions of dollars of creating addiction machines (Media, Technology, Food) vs You. And you are alone in this fight. A short clip here with sketches from After Skool https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqlfWDyS1Io

I would rather read 100 books over and over again, rather than read all the books. We have a finite memory.

We have been automating and eliminating jobs since forever (like when Electricity was invented). We don't lose jobs, we start doing only the most creative jobs. The ideal world is where there are only creative jobs, and all non-creative jobs will be automated by machines. e.g. Identifying problems and thinking about solutions in a specialized field is a creative job. Making art is a creative job.

Meditation is really doing nothing. It's not about focusing on the breath, that's just the method which leads to the state.

Happiness is peace in motion. When you are peaceful, it's easy for you to start doing things and be happy. Short notes from himself. https://nav.al/peace-motion

You want to be healthy, happy and rich. (Words have more deeper meanings from his point of view.)

One desire at a time. Desires are fine, but we can't fulfil more than one at a time. Is my posture correct, can I eat something now, what about the view, that message, this conversation, etc. etc.

True curiosity is when you want to learn it and you're not thinking about telling about it to people just that very moment. Good question to ask self: “Would I be still interested in this thing if I couldn’t tell anyone?”

Do things you love. Same philosophy as what Steve Jobs said in his Stanford commencement speech. If you don't love the 8 hours work you do every day, that's a huge waste of time in exchange of whatever money.

"What gets you motivated to things these days?" "Art. This is art, talking to you. Art is just creativity, anything that gets done for its own sake. There's nothing beyond it. Loving somebody, playing. Learning."