We should write notes (for life lessons)

Jan 12, 2019
1 min

During my JEE preparations, I used to make a lot of notes. Everyone did. Our Physics teacher was a storyteller. His stories used to make me wonder. I used to write them down as well.

I studied for two years. Thus, it was very important to write things down and keep revising. It was impossible to remember the lessons we learnt, without making good notes. My academic journey is about to end with my graduation. I realize I would not be making any notes.

Today, I was listening to an amazing podcast called Secular Buddhism. One of the episodes made my day. I need to remember the concept in the future as well. But, I am sure I will forget this in a month or earlier. This is a problem.

We should be making non-academic notes as well. The podcast episode was like a lesson, and it is a very good idea to write it down. The writing process will also add clarity to my understanding.

We have conversations daily. We experience many things. We read books. We meditate. We observe things silently. All this time, we learn something, the quality and amount of which is subjective. Sometimes, we ponder over one thought for days to understand it upto satistication.

Like any other lesson, we should keep re-visiting these thoughts. This is necessary to generate value for our future.

It is an incredible case of note taking. There is no ultimate exam. Yet, some days may create an illusion of it.