What do I do when I’m bored from studying (or not studying) for the exams?

Jan 20, 2017
2 min

The semester is about to end and I have no clue about what is going in the end semester examinations. I have been studying a good amount of complicated Mathematics. I usually lose my temper studying my other subjects like Environmental Science, Biology and Economics. For how long will I have to study “everything”. Sigh.

So, I either eat or surf the web when I’m not studying. That’s pretty much it. I received an email from the Central Library of my college that a book which I had issued very long time ago (and never read, of course) has been over due and I will have to pay fine in case of further delay. Aargh! I had to do it first thing in the morning! I was wired into my laptop. I didn’t want to get up and set the alarm in my phone or even on Google now. I wanted it right from my terminal. I wasted another half an hour finding such a thing but couldn’t find the one I was exactly looking for. (Duh! I could have set the alarm by then.). So, after some research and a lot of motivation, I created a repository on github and started my work. I had no idea how was I going to tackle command line executions, Natural Language Processing or anything but I had to make one thing possible.

$ ping-me to go to library tomorrow morning

This one line terminal (english?) command should set the reminder for me on all of my personal devices. Peace! :)

I’ve shared the code here — https://github.com/OrkoHunter/ping-me

I haven’t written the engine write now. I have bookmarked a lot a sites related to NLP. I’ll continue with them in December.

My second toy project in the meantime came out to be keep. I usually don’t remember shell commands but I need them the most in ssh sessions. I’m also sick of googling for the same code everytime, I needed to store them somewhere in the computer, using the terminal only…And Ta-da! It’s working! https://github.com/OrkoHunter/keep

Oh, and yes, I used python for all of the things above.

Happy Coding !