Keep : A personal shell command keeper

Feb 23, 2017
1 min

A Meta CLI toolkit

Writwick Wraj loves using the command line. Writwick googles “How to do X in terminal?” and multiple forums and blog posts finally provide him the magical command for the rescue. Problem Solved ! Fast forward couple weeks, Writwick has to do X in terminal, again. Wraj remembers solving this few weeks ago. Let him do a reverse-i-search with Ctrl+R. Nope, can’t remember sh*t. Browser search history? 25 web pages found matching *X*. Argh! Writwik finally finds the solution. From this time Writwik starts writing the commands somewhere online for the future. Wait, why shouldn’t he keep the command in his terminal itself if this is only place where he’ll ever have use it?

Introducing a new command line tool which solves the issue of memorizing commands or storing them somewhere which is difficult to find. With the grep and run commands, one can easily find their long forgotten commands and use them them right away.

Keep is distributed across all your computers

If not already, use keep register to create a database of your commands on the Keep remote. You can push and pull the commands from any of your computers. This comes handy when we are in our ssh sessions, and all we’ve got at our disposal, is a shell.

Keep is Open Source ❤

If you like the tool and have some feedback, please create an issue here. Pull Requests are most welcome !

The Source Code is hosted at GitHub : https://github.com/Orkohunter/keep

Keep can be installed using pip

$ pip install keep

Happy Coding !