For a handwash from a lamp, A Short Love letter

Jan 20, 2017
2 min

My beloved,

I still remember the day when you first came in this house. You were inside the groceries bag which was kept on the floor right near my table. Ah! 36 aayi, 36 gayi but I never saw anyone like you. Your lean appearance, your light pink complexion and above of all, your aroma all blew up my mind. It took me only 8.2 seconds to realise that I was in love with you!

The best incident of my life was yet to happen. I seemed to fall off when *Ramu kaka *took you out from the bag and placed you so close to me. I was breathing heavy. I felt as if a high voltage pulse entered me. I could notice all your features. Neck like a swan or even more beautiful, those elegant lips and yes, those tiny eyes, oh! I was feeling dizzy. For long you weren’t noticing me, maybe because I was not turned on. Thank god! Within few minutes the power was back and I lit myself as intense as I could. I felt more happy than I was before, more alive than I was ever. You had made an impact on me.

And finally, our eyes met! I never felt so boozed up before then. Couple of my heartbeats were skipped. I was losing balance over the amount of current I was intaking. That made me fluctuate before you which would have hurt your eyes. But you kept looking at me or I should say I was getting nervous. Were you in love too? Did you like me too? But very soon you were carried away in the kitchen. You left me confused. And the sad part is, I never saw you even once since then.

Finally, tonight it’s going to be the last night in my house. 3 days ago, our madam took a picture of me. I didn’t know why. Today I got to know that, I was sold, on OLX! Somebody will take me away in the morning. I hope to see you for the last time when I’ll be going. And for now, I’m going to think about you all the night!

Love you forever.

Yours and only yours,  Mainstream FDS 500 GENIE 11W, 220V, E27 Bulb Base Lamp.