Himanshu Mishra

▸ Personal Projects

Check out https://github.com/OrkoHunter

A Meta CLI toolkit : Personal shell command keeper
PEP8 Speaks
A GitHub app to automatically review Python code style over Pull Requests
A cross-platform personalized Ping
An electron app to binge-watch anything, without being bored

▸ Organizations

Morse Talk
A Python library written for Morse Code
Author and Maintainer. Special thanks to Sébastien Celles (scls19fr)

Time Series Methods For Astronomical X-ray Data That Aren't Fishy At All!
Contributed as a Google Summer of Code 2016 student with mentors Daniela Huppenkothen (dhuppenkothen) and Matteo Bachetti (matteobachetti). Previously involved as a GSoC 2017 mentor.

Extract plots from research papers and produce tables of data points.
Won silver medal at Inter-hall competition OpenSoft at IIT Kharagpur.

NetworkX Addon to allow graph partitioning
Contributed as a Google Summer of Code 2015 student with mentors Yingchong Situ (ysitu) and Dan Schult (dschult)

Image Processing SciKit (Toolbox for SciPy)
16 Pull Requests created and merged.

▸ Non Technical

Along with friends and seniors at college, I helped estabilish Kharagpur Open Source Society. We organized events, tutorials and seminars to promote open source. We also conducted Kharagpur Winter of Code as an initiative to give more students a hands-on experience of contributing to open source projects. Know more about us at https://kossiitkgp.in

I am a writer of "Technology Literary Society - TLS" at IIT Kharagpur. In the year 2016-17, I was one of the Governoring members of the club and it taught me my Lesson 101 on holding a large team together for one year. Know more at facebook.com/tlsiitkgp

▸ Talks

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