Himanshu Mishra
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✨ Inspirations ✨
Help the community
But It's important which community you're thinking of.
Humility is a skill.
Don’t be mean to the community.
Do things which leads humanity to a better stage. Or atleast keep trying.
Don’t be a leecher.
Solve real life problems.
Solve your own problems.
Do things which touch as much people as possible.

Strong relations
Don’t screw your relations.
Are you sure you have friends to back you when you can't make them laugh?
It's easy to respect others and learn from them. Please do that. But not if they're evil.
Appreciate the existence of others' perspectives.
Don’t cheat.

Let it be crap. The community will ignore it.
Let it be inspired. The community understands the difference between inspired and plagirized.